I aim to make yoga feel fun, accessible and non-intimidating for everyone - especially those who have never tried it before!

I offer 1:1 and small group yoga sessions, as well as yoga courses for beginners. Here's a little bit of information to give you a better idea of what you can expect if you choose to join me for a yoga session or course.


Before the First Class

Before your first 1:1 or course session, we will have a phone call or meet for a coffee so I can get an idea of what you want to achieve and find out if there is anything going on in your body that could impact your yoga practise.

Here I will give you an overview of what to expect, and if you're joining me for 1:1 classes I will explain how I put together a programme to suit your individual needs and goals. If you are joining a beginners yoga course, this initial chat gives me a chance to get to know you in a 1:1 setting, meaning I know what to keep an eye out for when we are in the group class setting.

Your First 1:1 Session or Course Class

On your first session, you will receive an information pack which explains more about yoga and its principles.

If you are joining me for the beginners course, you will also receive an overview of what will be covered in the course, including pictures and descriptions of the poses and descriptions of the breathing and meditation exercises.

It's important to wear clothes that you feel comfortable in and which allow you to move. If you have any questions about what to wear or bring, we can discuss this in our consultation!

It's also important to eat your last meal at least 2 hours before your yoga session begins.