Hi, I'm Anna

Having started out as an actress working in London and Europe professionally for 8 years, I was hit with an unexpected curve ball when my mum was diagnosed with cancer. It was through that 5 year journey which eventually lead me to massage. Originally I began my training for a very personal reason. However, what I didn’t realise was how much massage would change my life and in turn how much that would help change others too.

I have always been fascinated by the body, but it was during my training with Bristol College of Massage and Bodywork where my mind was truly opened to the benefits of massage. I absolutely love working with the body and helping people to achieve their goals and optimum physical health. It’s so rewarding to help cause such a positive change to another person's physical wellbeing and to see the difference it makes to their life.

My yoga journey began when I started practicing for rehabilitation benefits. As I deepened my practice, my love for yoga continued to grow. It gave me a huge amount of relief from the anxiety I had struggled with, as well as the sense of feeling more balanced within myself. I found that after a yoga class, everything felt so much more manageable.

I love sharing the benefits of yoga and massage with others, helping them connect with their body and mind.

why massage & yoga?

Do you ever get the feeling that you are walking around in a life that you didn't really choose? A life that is happening by accident? A life that you definitely did not design?  A lot of people do. This in itself is not something necessarily to fear or be disheartened by. A life develops organically and like a tree it will form and move in different directions; reacting as it does, to the changing world around it. The more challenging the environment the more dramatic the effect on how the tree forms.

As beautiful as it is, living in the modern world is a challenging one.

 Everything happens incredibly fast and you could be forgiven for thinking that if you take just one wrong step, everything else will unravel. We make a million decisions a day without ever really taking a breath and considering what we are doing and how we actually feel about where that decision will lead us. As such, our own lives can feel like a rollercoaster, at times stressful, at times disorientating and often like it is something completely out of your control.

A way to soften the blow? The answer is definitely yes.

Both Massage and Yoga work in harmony to condition the body and the mind to better deal with modern life. In a world  that can be chaotic, physical and fast moving they will equip you with focus, clarity, physical strength and elasticity and above all, an increased ability to live in the moment (mindfulness). 

Existence will always require some improvisation. There will always be challenges.

With a clear mind, a deep breath and strong body, everything will seem a whole lot easier and make a great deal more sense.