Some lovely words from some of my amazing clients...

I have had a bad back for 31 years and been all over the country receiving treatment. I was recommended to see Anna about 3 months ago and was slightly sceptical having just spent £1000 on a recommended Clifton Chiropractor. Well Anna treated me with Massage and A few Yoga exercises and honestly, I have been pain free ever since. I would recommend anyone to see Anna as she is a pleasure to deal with and a professional who doesn’t just want to take money off of you. Give her a try, you’ll be amazed.
— Andy Cox

I have recently completed the 8 week begginers yoga course with Anna and it was brilliant. She taught me a lot more than just yoga poses and I have gotten a much better insight into the real purpose and meaning of yoga. I feel much more relaxed, calm and tolerant and the inner sense of peace and quiet that the relaxation, meditation and breathing has brought is making a huge difference to me. I thought the course would help my body become healthy and fit but really it’s my mind and heart that has benefited (although my back feels a million times better too). I would recommend this course to anyone and everyone and you could not find a nicer and more inspiring teacher than Anna!
— Silvia Vasques

Anna is second to none. I’ve being visiting the clinic for both massage and one to one yoga both tailored to aid recovery with shoulder and knee injuries. The massages have targeted both the problem areas and worked on general muscle balance.  This coupled with specific yogic exercises Anna has prescribed for me. Huge improvements already - a true professional. Thank you.
— Sam Jones

I was a complete beginner when I started practicing yoga with Anna and it has quickly become the highlight of my week.
Anna is patient, enthusiastic and extremely knowledgeable. She makes me feel very comfortable and is always full of encouragement.
Practice includes mindfulness, well being and core strength training, along with learning the many different poses.
Having one to one sessions means I get a ‘tailor made’, personal experience. I’ve learnt a great deal in only a few months and am excited to continue this journey with Anna.
— Charlotte Dain

Both myself and my Mum Pauline have been having massage treatments with Anna for several years now.

Anna has taken the time to get to know us both and what suits us individually. She is genuinely interested in our holistic well-being, and has on request recommended books, diet and exercise to improve our health. During each pre-treatment consult Anna listens to our needs, but then also listens to our bodies and tailors her treatment accordingly. I have a fairly stressful job and hectic lifestyle, and with a regular massage every 5-6 weeks I find myself to be totally relaxed and refreshed each time, with the tension I hold in my shoulders and neck kept in check.

Anna is a lovely person, both inside and out, and is always a pleasure to visit
— Alison Phillips

I honestly don’t know what I’d do without Anna. I suffer with muscle aches and pains through ME/CFS and Anna has the magic touch to make my whole body feel normal again. I can’t recommend her highly enough. She is an absolute miracle worker and an angel. She understands and reads my body so well sometimes I actually feel like I’m floating afterwards. Thank you Anna.
— Gayle Simpson

It’s a long time ago but I remember the accident so well. It was a December day, dry but grey and I was coming home in my car after a bit of Christmas shopping. I was waiting to turn right but someone didn’t see me. He hit me off-centre & sent me spinning into the path of a builder’s lorry – who also hit me side-on. I suffered two serious accidents in the space of 20 seconds. They say ‘your life flashes before you in slow motion’ and it does. I lost consciousness, the back of my head was peppered with bits of plastic from my own brake lights and my back was broken. I had a long road to recovery.

I began having regular massages with Anna three years ago. During that time she has come to know just how and where my body tightens up, compensating for the places where muscles are no longer correctly attached or fixing any injury. She does deep tissue massage which corrects the tension and I’m always sorry when my session is over. Not only that, she works with the whole person, taking a holistic approach to one’s well-being.

I could not be without her magic hands (& elbows).
Thanks Anna,
— Liz Stagg

I have been seeing Anna monthly for over two years. She is by far the best masseuse I have ever used. She tailors each session to my needs. I train a lot so get tight even with my stretching regimen. Anna also provides me with advice for stretching and yoga. She is the whole package and I throughly recommend her to all.
— Sean Carty