Join me for an 8 week yoga course designed specifically for beginners.

I believe that yoga should be accessible and fun for everyone! So I have created a friendly, supportive & non-intimidating course for people who are new to yoga.

I will guide you through an 8 week Hatha/Vinyasa course, focusing on the fundamental principles and theory of yoga. A strong foundation is built as you learn the benefits of regular practice and explore the importance of Asana/Posture work, Pranayama (yogic breathing), Meditation and Guided Relaxation. These techniques will help you gain more awareness, strength and confidence

You will learn as part of a small, friendly group. I limit the class size to 10 people, which allows me to give each person the attention and guidance required to progress, learn and grow as we explore together how a yoga practice can improve your overall wellbeing.

My hope is that you will reach the end of the 8 week course with a strong understanding of the benefits of yoga, and the confidence and experience to get the most out of open classes.

I was a complete beginner when I started practicing yoga with Anna and it has quickly become the highlight of my week.
Anna is patient, enthusiastic and extremely knowledgeable. She makes me feel very comfortable and is always full of encouragement.
Practice includes mindfulness, well being and core strength training, along with learning the many different poses.
Having one to one sessions means I get a ‘tailor made’, personal experience. I’ve learnt a great deal in only a few months and am excited to continue this journey with Anna.
— Charlotte Dain


Days & Times: Wednesday Evenings 7.15 until 8.30pm

Cost: £95

Location: Alma Vale Centre, Clifton


JANUARY: 9th January to 27th February 2019 - COURSE FULL

MARCH: 13th March to 8th May (no class on 24th March)

MAY: 22nd May to 10th July