Join me for an 8 week yoga course designed specifically for beginners.

I believe that yoga should be accessible and fun for everyone! So I have created a friendly, supportive & non-intimidating course for people who are new to yoga.

I will guide you through an 8 week Hatha/Vinyasa course, focusing on the fundamental principles and theory of yoga. A strong foundation is built as you learn the benefits of regular practice and explore the importance of Asana/Posture work, Pranayama (yogic breathing), Meditation and Guided Relaxation. These techniques will help you gain more awareness, strength and confidence

You will learn as part of a small, friendly group. I limit the class size to 10 people, which allows me to give each person the attention and guidance required to progress, learn and grow as we explore together how a yoga practice can improve your overall wellbeing.

My hope is that you will reach the end of the 8 week course with a strong understanding of the benefits of yoga, and the confidence and experience to get the most out of open classes.

Get in touch to find out about upcoming courses.

I have recently completed the 8 week begginers yoga course with Anna and it was brilliant. She taught me a lot more than just yoga poses and I have gotten a much better insight into the real purpose and meaning of yoga. I feel much more relaxed, calm and tolerant and the inner sense of peace and quiet that the relaxation, meditation and breathing has brought is making a huge difference to me. I thought the course would help my body become healthy and fit but really it’s my mind and heart that has benefited (although my back feels a million times better too). I would recommend this course to anyone and everyone and you could not find a nicer and more inspiring teacher than Anna!
— Silvia Vasques


I do not currently have any Beginners Yoga Courses scheduled, but I do however offer private group courses.

If you would like to discuss setting up a yoga course for yourself and a group of friends or family, please get in touch!